Farming bees and educating a community.

This week we hear about a rapidly developing business and education centre in Butaleja District… Mageyo is a bee farmer. It’s a job that, like here in the UK, not many people feel compelled to take on. I for one am certain I’ll never pursue a career in keeping bees. However, Mageyo knows all there

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A day in the life of… Isaac

a little bit of HOPE strives to be an organisation that is known for its transparent and honest approach in everything we do. One of the ways we believe we can do this best is by telling you about what goes on at a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). So we’re going to do just

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a little garden party is a great success

On Saturday 9th August, the first little garden party was hosted, raising just over £300 for a little bit of HOPE. The garden party was held by Sue and John Burton, who, instead of opting for a traditional afternoon tea, decided to have a Pimms and pavlova party, inviting friends and neighbours and getting the whole

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a little bit of news | July 2014

a little bit of news

As ever, lots has been going on in Uganda! In this edition of a little bit of news read Izzy’s reflection on her two weeks with the a little bit of HOPE team in Uganda and find out some of the highlights from the past couple of months. Thank you for your support. Here’s the link: a little

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The joy of a tap

As we saw in the recent storms, it rains a lot in Butaleja. When rain comes it is usually in abundance, turning roads to rivers and transforming dry landscapes to masses of green. At these times every pot and pan in the household will be brought out to collect water for washing, drinking and farming (although the rain is

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Why Busolwe Library is much more than just a library


Izzy Bloomfield, a trustee of a little bit of HOPE, is off to Uganda on Friday. Before she leaves she tells us about the exciting things going on in Busolwe Public Library… Busolwe Public Library continues to be a central hub within the community, always buzzing with activity! a little bit of HOPE works in

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